Remembering Carmen

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This novel elegantly dissects modern romantic mores. Christopher, a successful shop fitter specializing in transforming dilapidated London buildings into swanky bistros, is romantically involved with Carmen, a one-time academic now unhappily employed as a magazine columnist. Jimmy, a millionaire and virtuoso pianist with a laissez-faire attitude to life, seems to offer the fulfillment she seeks. This novel takes the form of Christopher's "memorial" to his former love. Set in London, Nice, the Greek Isles, and Tuscany, it is a beautifully crafted and utterly convincing portrait of adultery and its repercussions. Murray tracks his characters through the worlds of classical music, journalism, fashion modeling, and architecture, and asks where contentment might be found in an increasingly complex yet superficial world.
Autor: Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Murray is a well known and widely acclaimed biographer. He wrote the first life of Bruce Chatwin (Seren) and has since published works on Matthew Arnold and Andrew Marvell (Little,Brown and Abacus; SMP in the US). His new book on Aldous Huxley was published to huge critical acclaim in April 2002 (Little,Brown; SMP in the US)

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Autor: Nicholas Murray
ISBN-13 :: 9781854113375
ISBN: 1854113372
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2003
Gewicht: 240g
Seiten: 191
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 211x138x15 mm
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