Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability: Beyond Deadlock and Conflict

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A Call to Readers * Introduction * Part I: Building Blocks - Terms, Variety and Goals * The Context: Multi-stakeholder Processes and Global Governance * The Concepts: Key Values and Ideologies of MSPs * The Research: Effective Communication and Decision-making in Diverse Groups * The Practice: Examples of Multi-stakeholder Processes * Part II: How To Do It - Designing MSPs: A Detailed Guide * The Short-cut * Conclusion More Than One Step Beyond - What Next? Appendix I: Methodology of the Project * Appendix II: Contributors, Commentators and Interviewees * Appendix III: UNED Forum * References * Notes * Index
Governments, business, international bodies and local groups are turning to multi-stakeholder processes to find practical ways forward. This book explains how MSPs can be organized to deliver their potential for successful resolution of complex issues and for sustainable development. It includes detailed examples and provides practical checklists, explaining how to get beyond adversarial politics and achieve positive results.
Autor: Minu Hemmati, Jasmin Enayati, Jan McHarry
Minu Hemmati works as an independent advisor (

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Autor: Minu Hemmati
ISBN-13 :: 9781853838705
ISBN: 1853838705
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