Sustainable Finance and Banking: The Financial Sector and the Future of the Planet

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List of Boxes, Figures and Tables * Foreword by Jan Pronk * Foreword by Hans Smits * Acknowledgements * List of Acronyms and Abbreviations * Introduction * Part 1 Sustainability: A General Introduction: Environmental Consciousness and Sustainable Development * Sustainability: The Challenge for Companies * Sustainability: A Special Role for Banks * Part 2 Banking and Sustainability: Sustainability, Markets and Banking Products * Sustainability and Financing Risks * Internal Environmental Care * Organization and Communication about Sustainability * Part 3 In Reflection: Sustainable Banking in Perspective: The Cases of 34 International Banks * Sustainable Development: A Paradigm Shift * Towards Sustainable Banking * Appendices * Glossary * Notes * References * Index
Banks and other financial institutions play a fundamental role in any economy. They have a correspondingly crucial role to play in achieving sustainable economic development. This is the first book to explain how they can contribute, and the steps to take. The first part sets the context of environmental imperatives and the responses of governments, business and financial services. Part 2 examines the initiatives already under way, and what else is feasible. Part 3 argues that more far-reaching change and revitalization of the economic system is needed and then describes how this can be achieved by the financial sector.
Autor: Marcel Jeucken
Marcel Jeuken is a senior economist at Rabobank Group in The Netherlands, where his research into the banking sector focuses on general banking trends and on sustainable banking in particular. This includes developing activities and financial products related to climate change. As a part-time guest-researcher at the Erasmus University, he is working towards a PhD in sustainability and banking. He has written numerous papers and is author and (co) editor of several books.

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Autor: Marcel Jeucken
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