Oriental Rugs: An Introduction

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The Vocabulary of Rugs; The Identification Process; City Pieces; Tribal and Village Families - Iran; Tribal and Village Families - The Caucasus; Tribal and Village Families - Turkmenistan; Turkey and Other Sources; An Historical Perspective; Buying Oriental Rugs; Living with Oriental Rugs; Appendices including colour analysis chart.
Nothing adds more character and distinction to even the smallest of rooms than an oriental rug. This book offers practical guidance on the different types of rug for everyday furnishing purposes, the pitfalls that await the unwary buying at auctions, clearly presented photographic examples of the rugs, and a price guide.
Autor: Gordon Redford Walker
Gordon Redford Walker has been the owner of the Oriental Rug Gallery in Bath, England for the last 25 years, and has handled thousands of rugs, dealing not just with individuals but also with 'blue chip' corporate clients and their architects and decor consultants. He has lectured widely and his articles have appeared in many publications. He now operates a brokerage service at the bonded warehouse complex in London which is effectively the international clearing centre for the trade.

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Autor: Gordon Redford Walker
ISBN-13 :: 9781853758904
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