Recent Developments in Ion Exchange: 2

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1: Biological Materials.- The Importance of Ion Exchange Processes in Living Systems.- The Use of Chemically Suppressed Ion Chromatography in Elemental Analysis.- Biological Separations Using Latex-Based Pellicular Resins.- Simultaneous Determination of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions with Isocratic Ion Chromatography Using the SUPER-SEP Cation Column (According to Schomburg).- 2: Inorganic Ion Exchangers.- Recent Advances in Inorganic Ion Exchangers.- Synthesis and Ion Exchange Properties of Lithium Ion Selective Inorganic Ion Exchanger by Applying Ion Memory Effect.- Uptake of Several Tracer Cations and the Separation of Carrier Free r40La from 140Ba and also 115mIn from 115Cd Using a Zirconium(IV) Oxide Column.- Cation and Anion Exchange Properties of Pillared Clays.- Ion Exchange Properties of ?-Zirconium Phosphate Modified by a Process of Intercalation/De-intercalation with Monoamines.- New Cross-Linked Layered Tin Phosphate Exchangers.- Formation of Diamine-Complex Pillars in ?-Ti(HP04)2 2H20.- Ion Exchange Behaviour of Some Amine Intercalates of ?-Tin(IV) Hydrogen Phosphate Monohydrate.- 3: Nuclear Industry.- Ion Exchange in the Nuclear Industry.- Activity Removal from Liquid Waste Streams by Seeded Ultrafiltration.- Recovery of Fission Products by Fixation on Inorganic Adsorbents.- Simultaneous Elimination of Heavy Metals and Chelating Agents from Waste Waters.- Separation of Ruthenium and Molybdenum by Cation Exchange Chromatography on AG 50W-X4 in a Nitric Acid-Ethylenediamine Mixture.- 4: Theoretical Aspects and New Advances.- Calculation of Retention Data in Ion Exchange Chromatography.- Ligand Exchange Principles for Trace Enrichment and Selective Detection of Ionic Compounds.- Electrochemical Ion Exchange.- Ion Exchange Separations in Conjunction with Electrochemical Detection.- Reversible Extraction of Cobalt(II) from Aqueous Media Using Inorganic Ion Exchangers in Electrochemical Ion Exchange.- 5: New Materials.- A New Solvent Resistant Ion Exchange Material for Analytical Chromatography.- Ion Exchange Adsorption of Metal Ions on Amine and Pyridine Types of Chelating Resins.- Specific Resins for Metal Ion Separation: The Cr(III), Fe(III), Al(III) System.- Improvements in Macroreticular Particles for Ion-Exchange and Gel-Permeation Chromatography.- Some Properties of New Ion Exchangers with Organopolysiloxane Structure.- Extraction of the Perrhenate Anion Using Goethite Surface-Modified with Hydrophobic Quaternary Amines.- Solid Phase Extraction and Chromatography of Metal Ions Using Free and Immobilised Biomimetic Chelating Agents.- 6: Industrial Applications.- Economic Process for Softening Produced Water Used in Secondary Oil Recovery.- On-Line Monitoring of Transition Metals in Wastewater.- Some Problems in the Use of Chelating Resins for Environmental Protection from Toxic Metals.- The Analysis of Industrial Water Treatment Products Using Ion Chromatography Separation with Multiple Detection Systems.- Index of Contributors.
These Conference Proceedings deal with the papers presented at the International Conference on Ion Exchange Processes (ION-EX '90) which was held at The North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, 9- 11 July 1990. The camera-ready paper format was chosen so that delegates could receive their copy on arrival at the Conference. The Proceedings include reviews of biological materials, inorganic ion exchangers, the nuclear industry, theoretical aspects and new advances. In addition, there are research papers dealing with industrial ion exchange procedures and new materials. The Proceedings should therefore be of interest to those who need to be brought up to date in the various aspects of processes which involve ion exchange and ion chromatography which are now accepted as important in analysis, separation processes and process control. In each of these areas there have been important developments which are herein described. As Editors we should like to express our thanks to the individual authors for preparing their manuscripts in the required format and to Haydn Hughes and Linda Sneddon for their invaluable assistance in compiling these Proceedings. PETER A. WILLIAMS MICHAEL J. HUDSON V1 CONTENTS v Preface Part 1: Biological Materials The Importance of Ion Exchange Processes in Living Systems 3 R. J. P. Williams The Use of Chemically Suppressed Ion Chromatography in Elemental Analysis 17 J. P. Senior Biological Separations Using Latex-Based Pellicular Resins 23 K.

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