Boundary Element Methods in Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics: Developments in Boundary Element Methods - 6

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Helmholtz and Poincare potential-vorticity decompositions for the analysis of unsteady compressible viscous flows, L. Morino; advanced boundary element methods for steady incompressible thermoviscous flow, G.F. Dargush and P.K. Banerjee; a time-dependent incompressible viscous BEM for moderate Reynolds numbers, G.F. Dargush and P.K. Banerjee; a boundary integral formulation in primitive variables for unsteady viscous flows, R. Piva and L. Morino; Newtonian and non-Newtonian unsteady flow problems, N. Tosaka and K. Kakuda; a general theory of unsteady compressible potential flows with applications to aeroplanes and rotors, L. Morino and K. Tseng; recent advances in solution methods for unsteady viscous flows, J.C. Wu and C.M. Wang; boundary element analysis of slow non-Newtonian flow, M.B. Bush and R.I. Tanner; further development of BEM in thermal fluid dynamics, K. Oshini, T. Kuroki and N. Tosaka.
This volume demonstrates that boundary element methods are both elegant and efficient in their application to time dependent and time-harmonic problems in engineering and therefore worthy of considerable development.

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