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Polymers and gels
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1: Human Experimentation: A Brief Historical Overview.- 2: Approaches to Ethical Analysis.- 3: Ethical Issues Before the Study Begins.- 4: Ethical Issues During and After the Study.- 5: Legal Issues in Research.- Appendix 1: Principles of Research Design.- Appendix 2: Basic Legal Concepts.- Index.
"This textbook provides a brief history of human experimentation and reviews various theories of ethics from which the principles and rules that govern this research are derived. All relevant international documents and national regulations, policies and memoranda are referred to extensively to assist in addressing issues that regularly arise during the course of research involving human subjects.Extensive case examples and exercises for discussion are presented throughout the text to challenge the reader to devise creative strategies for the integration of science, ethics and, where relevant, law.
This volume will be of interest to both students and experienced researchers who design, conduct and disseminated findings using human subjects in their research."

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Autor: W. Burchard
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ISBN: 1851664130
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