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Presents examples of jewelry from the 1940s onwards from the collection of the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. This book guides the reader through a diversity of materials, technique and approaches that make contemporary jewelry visually exciting and intellectually stimulating.
Autor: Ursula Ilse-Neuman
Ursula Ilse-Neuman is Jewelry Curator at the Museum of Arts & Design, New York. She joined the Museum in 1992 and has curated numerous exhibitions in all media. Ms. Ilse-Neuman is the author of numerous publications and has juried many competitions and lectured widely both in the United States and abroad. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Directors of Metalsmith magazine.

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Autor: Ursula Ilse-Neuman
ISBN-13 :: 9781851495788
ISBN: 1851495789
Erscheinungsjahr: 20.11.2008
Verlag: ACC Art Books
Gewicht: 1452g
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 254x249x27 mm, 240 col
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