Neoliberal Africa: The Impact of Global Social Engineering

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1. Neoliberalism in Africa, Neoliberalism and Africa 2. Regulating development, embedding neoliberalism 3. Neoliberalism as social practice 4. A failed project 5. Neoliberal futures: violence, globalisation, and 'actually existing capitalism' Conclusions
After 30 years of projects, aid disbursement, technical assistance, and conditionality, this book maps out the extent to which African states have cleaved to neoliberal directives. It suggests that neoliberal 'progress' in Africa is notably limited in spite of the resources behind it and the lack of alternatives to it.
Autor: Graham Harrison
Graham Harrison teaches Politics at the University of Sheffield. He has written on democratisation, corruption, governance and the World Bank with a particular interest in Africa and especially eastern Africa. He is an editor of New Political Economy and is Coordinating Editor of Review of African Political Economy.

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Autor: Graham Harrison
ISBN-13 :: 9781848133198
ISBN: 1848133197
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2010
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