The Environmental Responsibility Reader

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Section 1: IntroductionSection 2: Ethical and Cultural TraditionsSection 3: Nature Matters: Preserving and shaping environmentsSection 4: Individual and collective responsibility and actionSection 5: Ecological citizenship: Social and environmental justice and corporate social responsibility Section 6: Summary
This book is for anyone involved with managing environmental decisions making. The book promotes innovative ways of understanding and taking responsibility for actions in the context of our 'natural' world through a selection of classic and contemporary edited readings accompanied with an editorial narrative. It provides sense-making tools for appreciating and doing something about seemingly intractable modern-day environmental dilemmas--including global warming, fossil fuel consumption, fresh water quality, industrial pollution, habitat destruction, and biodiversity loss. The book draws on contemporary ideas associated with environmental ethics, social learning, communities of practice, systems thinking, ecological citizenship, corporate responsibility, fair trade, and the connections between environmental and social justice; configuring these ideas into practical notions for responsible action.
Editiert von: Martin Reynolds, Chris Blackmore, Mark J
Martin Reynolds, Chris Blackmore and Mark J. Smith are all lecturers at the Open University

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