Priest of Paraguay: Fernando Lugo and the Making of a Nation

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1. Lugo: A Life 2. Paraguayans and Guaranis 3. Spaniards and Jesuits 4. Independence from Spain 5. Two Bloody Wars 6. The Colorado Era 7. Wealth for Some 8. The Aftermath of One-Party Rule 9. Lugo and the New Latin America
In 2008 the oldest one-party regime on earth was swept from power by a Catholic bishop. In "The Priest of Paraguaym, " Hugh O'Shaughnessy, one of the most respected commentators on Latin America, tells the story of how Fernando Lugo ended the 60 year dictatorship of General Alfredo Stroessner's Colorado party with the promise of a new, more egalitarian future, particularly for the country's indigenous people. Hugh O'Shaughnessy traces Lugo's life alongside the turbulent history of Paraguay -- from his early years in a family which fell victim to Stroessner to his release by the Vatican to follow a political calling. The book also locates Paraguay in the context of the changing landscape of Latin America politics as a whole.
Autor: Hugh O'Shaughnessy, Edgar Venerando Ruiz Diaz, Edgar Venerando
Hugh O'Shaughnessy has been writing and broadcasting about Latin America for over forty years. In this time he has worked for the Financial Times, the Economist, The New Statesman, the Observer and the BBC, among others. He has won two British Press Awards and the Wilberforce Medallion from the city of Hull. He has also been recognised by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in the United States. His books include Grenada: Revolution, Invasion and Aftermath and Pinochet: The Politics of Torture.

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Autor: Hugh O’Shaughnessy
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