The Truth about Trade: The Real Impact of Liberalization

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Preface and acknowledgements Part 1: Agendas 1. From the Corn Laws to Seattle 2. A matter for negotiation 3. Claims and counter-claims Part 2: Impacts 4. Climbing the development ladder 5. Food for thought 6. Invisible earnings 7. TRIPs abroad 8. Filling the gaps 9. The rules of the game Part 3: Responses 10. Damage limitation 11. Beneficence or bribery 12. Rewriting the rules
Clive George's provocative book examines the evidence both for and against world trade. He exposes the myths, and presents challenging new proposals for comprehensive reform. Based on ten years of in-depth research into the impacts of the trade agreements that are forged in the World Trade Organization and through regional negotiations it reveals that few of the claims made by the major players stand up to scrutiny, while many of the counter-claims lack rigor in their analysis of key issues. From its analysis of the relationships between trade, social transformation, economic growth and environmental sustainability, the book concludes with proposals for how the rules by which trade is governed might be reformed to help tackle the world's most pressing problems instead of making them worse.
Autor: Clive George
Clive George followed a career in industrial management before joining the University of Manchester to undertake research and consultancy on the use of impact assessment techniques in international development. As a Senior Research Fellow in the University's School of Environment and Development he was principal advisor to the World Bank on the evaluation and development of impact assessment systems in the Middle East and North Africa and has acted as a consultant to the OECD, UNEP and other international agencies. Through his work for UNEP and the European Commission he has become one of the world's leading experts on assessing the economic, social and environmental impacts of international trade agreements. His books include 'Environment and the City' (Routledge, 2008) with Peter Roberts and Joe Ravetz and 'Environmental Assessment in Developing and Transitional Countries' (John Wiley & Sons, 2000) with Norman Lee. He has published numerous articles on sustainable development, impact assessment, global governance and international trade.

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Autor: Clive George
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