Megacities: The Politics of Urban Exclusion and Violence in the Global South

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Introduction 1. The Rise of Megacities and the Urbanization of Informality, Exclusion and Violence - Dirk Kruijt & Kees Koonings Part 1: The Social Dynamics of Exclusion and Violence in Megacities 2. Setting the Stage: Megacity's Violence and its Consequences in Rio de Janeiro - Janice Perlman 3. Coping with Urban Violence: State and Community Responses to Crime and Insecurity in Guayaquil, Ecuador - Caroline Moser 4. Middle Eastern Megacities: Social Exclusion, Popular Movements and the Quiet Encroachment of the Urban Poor - Asef Bayat 5. From Popular Movements to Drug Gangs to Militias: An Anatomy of Violence in Rio de Janeiro - Robert Gay Part 2: Political and Policy Dimensions of Urban Exclusion and Violence 6. Urban Governance and the Paradox of Conflict - Jo Beall 7. Shoot the Citizen, Save the Customer: Participatory Budgeting and Bare Citizenship in Porto Alegre, Brazil - Sergio Gregorio Baierle 8. Urban Exclusion and the (False) Assumptions of Spatial Policy Reform in South Africa - Susan Parnell and Owen Crankshaw 9. Crisis of the State, Violence in the City - Mariano Aguirre Conclusions: Governing Exclusion and Violence in Megacities - Kees Koonings & Dirk Kruijt About the Authors Bibliography Index
"The chapters of this book were originally presented as draft papers at the conference 'The politics of urban poverty, exclusion and violence: comparative analysis and policy insights,' organized in The Hague on 27 and 28 September 2007"--P. vi
Autor: Kees Koonings, Dirk Kruijt
Kees Koonings is Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University. Dirk Kruijt is Professor of Development Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University.

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