Dowry: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

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List of tablesPrefaceIntroductionTamsin Bradley; Mangala Subramaniam, and Emma Tomlin Section One: Conceptualising DowryChapter One: Theorising Dowry: interdisciplinary concepts and methods for approaching the study of dowry Emma Tomalin Chapter Two: The Dowry Project: past, present and futureTamsin Bradley Section Two: The Changing Patterns of DowryChapter Three: Mahr or Dowry? Marriage payments among South India Muslims Anna LindbergChapter Four: Dowry in Rural Bangladesh: An Intractable problem?Santi Rozarios Chapter Five: Gender, Generation and Globalisation: Male attitudes to dowry in a time of rapid social changeKate Jehan Chapter Six: Trends and Patterns in Dowry Transactions: evidence from North and South IndiaSonia Dalmia and Pareena Lawrence.Chapter Seven: Marriage and Dowry among Muslim South Asian Immigrants in the U.S.Farha Ternikar Section Three: Activism: Challenges to DowryChapter Eight: Dowry among Dalits: the case from rural KarnatakaMangala Subramaniam Chapter Nine: Getting beyond the Statistics: the changing face of dowry Rajni Palriwala, Chapter Ten: Legacies of the Dowry Prohibition Act in India: marriage practices and feminist discoursesSrimati BasuChapter Eleven: Dowry and Transnational ActivismMangala Subramaniam, Karen Remedios, and Debarashmi Mitra Book ConclusionTamsin Bradley; Mangala Subramaniam, and Emma Tomlin Index
This exciting new volume debunks overly simplistic conceptions of Dowry. Taking a variety of theoretical and active approaches, this work bridges the gap between today's prevailing theory and practice, whilst taking South Asian women's own experiences as a starting point to any discussion. Bringing a unique diversity of perspectives from leading academics and activists, this book opens up the term "Dowry" to undertake a study of its role in various communities across the world from the practice of "mehr" among Muslim societies, the role of the dowry in Bangladesh, and its position in the wider diasporic populations globally. The groundbreaking, multidisciplinary book is essential reading for students, policymakers, practitioners and activists alike.

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Autor: Tamsin Bradley
ISBN-13 :: 9781848132948
ISBN: 1848132948
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2010
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