The New Maids

Transnational Women and the Care Economy
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Chapter One: The New Division of Domestic Labour Chapter Two: The Household as a Global Market for Women's Labour Chapter Three: Domestic Work and Lifestyles: Methods and First Results Chapter Four: Domestic Work - A Perfectly Normal Job? Chapter Five: Exploitation or Alliance of Trust? Relationship Work in the Household Chapter Six: Transnational Motherhood Chapter Seven: Being Illegal Chapter Eight: Migrant Women in the Globalization Trap?
A pioneering study grounded on empirical evidence, arguing that domestic work is a central part of negotiating gender identities and boundaries. *Also appeared in November/December's Buyer's Notes*
Autor: Professor Helma Lutz
Helma Lutz is professor of women and gender studies in the Department of Social Sciences at Goethe University, Germany. Recognized internationally as a leading scholar on gender, migration and domestic work, she has spent more than twenty-five years researching these subjects. She has produced numerous publications in German, Dutch and English (including four edited books in English). She is an associate editor of the European Journal of Women's Studies, for which she recently edited a special issue on domestic work. Helma Lutz is the 21 award winner of the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond's 'Alexander von Humboldt Award' for outstanding German scholars. She will be located at the University of Linkoping until September 2012.

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Autor: Professor Helma Lutz
ISBN-13 :: 9781848132887
ISBN: 1848132883
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