Conscientious Objection: Resisting Militarized Society

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Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Preface by Cynthia Cockburn Introduction - Co?kun A sterci-A-zgur Heval A ?nar Part 1: Compulsory Conscription and Resisting Conscription in Militarizing Society 1. Militarization of Society: The Role of the Compulsory Conscription System and National Armies in the Process of Citizen Creation - Suavi Ayd?n 2. Patriotism and the Justification of Inequality as an Instrument for the Construction of Militarism - Melek Goregenli 3. Refusing to Serve by Other Means: Desertion in the Late Ottoman Empire - Erik-Jan Zurcher 4. Sand in the Wheels? Conscientious Objection at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century - Ulrich Brockling 5. Conscientious Objection, Civil Disobedience and Anti-militarism: On the Morals and Politics of Disobedience - Nilgun Toker K?l?nc 6. The Philosophical Grounds of Conscientious Objection - Taha Parla Part 2: Conscientious Objection as a Critique of Patriarchy, Sexism and Heterosexism 7. Where are the Women in Military Conscientious Objection? Some Feminist Clues - Cynthia Enloe 8. Women Conscientious Objectors in Turkey: Refusing to Identify as Obedient Wives, Sacrificing Mothers, and Proud Warriors - Ay?e Gul Alt?nay 9. Conscientious Objection and Masculine Violence - Serpil Sancar 10. Rotten Report and Reconstructing Hegemonic Masculinity in Turkey - Alp Biricik Part 3: Conscientious Objection in the World: Experiences and Problems 11. Experiences of Conscientious Objection Movements in the World: South Africa, Greece and Paraguay - Andreas Speck and Rudi Friedrich 12. Caste Armies: Military Conscription, Conscientious Objection, and Democratic Citizenship in the Americas - Matthew C. Gutmann 13. Conscientious Objection in Chile - Pelao Carvallo 14. Conscientious Objection in Spain: Disobedience - Cthuchi Zamarra 15. Conscientious Objection in Israel - Tali Lerner 16. Refusing to Serve in the Army for Reasons of Conscience in Greece - Alexia Tsouni/Michalis Maragakis 17. Conscientious Objection in Turkey - Co?kun A sterci/U?ur Yorulmaz Part 4: Conscientious Objection and Law A. International Law 18. A View on International Implementation of the Right to Conscientious Objection - A-zgur Heval A ?nar 19. International Standards on Conscientious Objection to Military Service and Alternative Service - Rachel Brett 20. European Standards on Conscientious Objection and Alternative Service - Friedhelm Schneider 21. Conscientious Objection in International Law and the Osman Murat A lke Case - Kevin Boyle B. The Case of Turkey 22. Conscientious Objection and the Turkish Constitution - Osman Can 23. The Criminality of Conscientious Objection in Turkey and Its Consequences - Hulya A cp?nar Index
Refusing to take part in war is as old as war itself. This wide-ranging and original book brings together four different bodies of knowledge and practice: historical and philosophical analyses of conscientious objection; feminist, LGBT and queer analyses of conscientious objection as a critique of patriarchy, sexism, and heterosexism; activist and academic analyses of conscientious objection as a social movement and individual act of resistance; legal analyses of the status of conscientious objection in international and national law.
Editiert von: Ozgur Heval Cinar, Coskun Usterci
Ozgur Heval Cinar is a lawyer. Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in the Law Department at the University of Essex.Coskun Usterci is currently a member of the Human Rights Association, and has been working since 1992 at the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey. He is a board member of this foundation.

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