The United Nations and Civil Society: Legitimating Global Governance - Whose Voice?

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1. Setting the Stage 2. The FAO and the Global Governance of Food and Agriculture 3. UN-Civil Society Relations: A Comparative Look 4. Conclusions and Ways Forward Notes Bibliography Index
In this book, Nora McKeon provides a comprehensive analysis of UN engagement with civil society. The book pays particular attention to food and agriculture, which now lie at the heart of global governance issues. McKeon shows that politically meaningful space for civil society can be introduced into UN policy dialogue. The United Nations and Global Civil Society also makes the case that it is only by engaging with organizations that legitimately speak for the poor that the UN can promote equitable, sustainable development and build global democracy from the ground up.This book has strong ramifications for global governance, civil society and the contemporary debate over the future of food.
Autor: Nora McKeon
Nora McKeon studied history at Harvard University and Political Science at the Sorbonne, before joining the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. She held positions of increasing responsibility there, culminating in overall direction of the FAO's relations with civil society. She now divides her time between writing and lecturing on development discourse, peasant farmer movements and UN-civil society relations; and coordinating an exchange programme for African and European farmers on agriculture and trade policy issues. She recently published (with Michael Watts and Wendy Wolford) Peasant Organizations in Theory and Practice (2004).

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Autor: Nora McKeon
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