African Women and Icts: Investigating Technology, Gender and Empowerment

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Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1. Knowledge for Change - Knowledge as Change SECTION 1: ICTs for Empowerment? An exploration of women's lived realities Chapter 2. Women Entrepreneurs in Nairobi: Questioning the power of the cell phone Chapter 3. Our Journey to Empowerment: The role of ICTsChapter 4. The Mobile Telephone as a tool for the Promotion of Emancipation: Strengthening the entrepreneurial initiatives of women fish processors and wholesalers in DakarChapter 5. The Mobile Village Phone Business: A vehicle for rural women's Empowerment and gender equality in UgandaChapter 6. The Use of the Internet by of Women Entrepreneurs in the Textile Sector of DoualaChapter 7. Women's Use of Cell Phones to Meet their Communication Needs - a study of rural women from northern NigeriaSECTION 2: Using ICTs to Re-conceptualize Public SpacesChapter 8. Egyptian Women and ICTs: A formula for empowermentChapter 9. Digital Empowerment and the Fight Against Gender-based Violence Chapter 10. Where Are the Female Students in the ICT labs? Female postgraduates at the University of Zimbabwe. SECTION 3: The Role of ICTs in Development: Developing a deeper understanding Chapter 11. Women's use of ICTs in Manhica and Sussundenga: A tool for empowerment?Chapter 12. ICTs as an Agent of Change: A case for grassroots women entrepreneurs in UgandaChapter 13. Making Life Better?Chapter 14. Egyptian Women Artisans: Facing the demands of modern marketsChapter 15. Women's Empowerment, Engagement and Satisfaction in ICT Careers in Kenya: Breaking the stereotyping and discrimination in ICT environmentsChapter 16. Mentoring, Learning and SupportSECTION 4: The Research JourneyChapter 17. Reflecting on GRACE: South Africa participatory research process on Energy, ICTs and GenderChapter 18. Doing Research as a Life-Changing ExperienceConclusionIndex
This book explores the ways in which women in Africa utilize Information and Communication Technologies to facilitate their empowerment; whether through the mobile village phone business, through internet use, or through new career and ICT employment opportunities. Based on the outcome of an extensive research project, this timely books features chapters based on original primary field research undertaken by academics and activists who have investigated situations within their own communities and countries. The discussion includes such issues as the notion of ICTs for empowerment and as agents of change, ICTs in the fight against gender-based violence, and how ICTs could be used to re-conceptualize public and private spaces.
Editiert von: Ineke Buskens, Anne Webb
Ineke Buskens is a Cultural Anthropologist with a passion for research methodology and women's empowerment, cultural diversity and individual human uniqueness. Having graduated in Leiden, the Netherlands, she has lived in Ghana, India, and Brazil and since 1990 , in South Africa. After having been Head of the Centre for Research Methodology at South Africa's Human Science Research Council for 5 years, she founded Research For the Future in 1996. She has since worked as an independent international research and process facilitation consultant. Ineke is a student of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, USA.Anne's commitment to feminist qualitative research is rooted in participatory action research approaches. She has worked with communities and research teams for the past 15 years pursuing the reduction of inequalities. Trained in sociology, adult education and gender studies in Toronto (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) and Den Hague (Institute of Social Studies), her education has involved people from all walks of life and locations, formally and informally, in Canada, Europe and Africa.

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