Relocation Failures in Sri Lanka: A Short History of Internal Displacement and Resettlement

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Acknowledgements List of Acronyms Introduction Chapter 1. A unified approach to displacement and resettlement Chapter 2. Protection and durable solutions: regimes for internally displaced and resettled populations Chapter 3. A short history of settlement and resettlement in Sri Lanka Chapter 4. Resettlement for development: Systems L and B Chapter 5. Resettlement during war: Trincomalee and Batticaloa Chapter 6. Resettlement after the wave: reflections on the North and East Conclusions Annex 1a-1d. Mapping ethnic distributions: 1911 to 2001 References
This book considers why and how states, multilateral agencies, non-governmental organisations and non-state actors design and administer resettlement schemes. Tens of millions of people are internally displaced and relocated each year to make way for dam and urban renewal projects or in the wake of war, cyclones and floods. This book challenges current understandings of displacement and the prevailing resettlement regimes. It is distinctive because it argues for a unitary treatment of forced migration, bringing together diverse, multi-disciplinary approaches. Beginning with an overview of the available literature on forced migration, it goes on to focus on the particular case of Sri Lanka which has experienced all three of the forced migration regimes discussed in the literature--development, conflict and natural disaster-induced displacement.
Autor: Robert Muggah
Dr. Robert Muggah is the Research Director of the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey. Previously, he was a Global Security and Cooperation Professional Fellow (SSRC) at the Refugee Studies Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. Muggah received a PhD at Oxford University and his MPhil in Development Studies at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex

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Autor: Robert Muggah
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