Feminism and War

Confronting US Imperialism
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Introduction - Editors Part I: Cartographies of War 1. War, Prisons, And Globalization - Angela Davis 2. New Facts/New Rules - Zillah Eisenstein 3. Gender and Recruiting: Uncle Sam Wants YOU - Cynthia Enloe 4. Over-Looking the Other When War Comes Home: Understanding Patriarchal Plunder Beyond the Parochial - Patricia McFadden 5. Queer Biopolitics: Race and Sexuality - Jasbir Puar 6. Racial Grammars and Violent Exceptionalism in the Laws of War - Elizabeth Philipose Part 2: Feminists Organizing Against Imperialism and War 7. Organizing Anti-War Protest Across Fault Lines - Leslie Cagan 8. All You Need is Love: Anti-War Activism - Margo Okazawa-Rey 9. 'Freedom for Women': Stories of Baghdad and New York - Bereniece Fisher 10. Why the War is Sexist (And Why We Can't Ignore Gender Anymore; Here's A Start for Organizing) - Huibin Amelia Chew11. Feminist Organizing in Israel: Against Militarism, War and Occupation - Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz 12. We Say CodePink: Feminist Direct Action and the A"War on TerrorA" - Judy Rohrer 13. Women's Struggles and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan14. Afghan Women: The Limits of Colonial Rescue - Shahnaz Khan 15. Rallying Public Opinion and Other Misuses of Feminism: How U.S. militarism in Afghanistan is gendered through congressional discourse - Jennifer Fluri 16. A Theoretical Framework Towards Understanding Social Chang and Women's Agency in Conflict in Afghanistan - Lina Abirafeh 17. Gendered, Racialized and Sexualized Torture at Abu-Ghraib? Orientalism and the Politics of Torture at Abu-Ghraib - Isis Nusair 18. Multiple Betrayals: The Search for Iraqi Identities - Deborah Najor Alkamano 19. Deconstructing the Myth of Liberation @ riverbendblog.com: Baghdad Burning and the Politics of Resistance - Nadine Sinno 20. The Feminist Geopolitics of Body Counts and War Stories: Lessons from Iraq - Jennifer Hyndman
Women - both within and without the United States - are being dramatically affected by war as currently waged by that country. But there has been little public space for dialogue about the complex relationship between feminism, women, and U.S. war. The editors have brought together a diverse set of scholars and activists who examine the questions raised by ongoing U.S. military initiatives. These theorists and organizers develop an anti-racist, feminist politics that brings to the foreground an analysis both of imperialist power and forms of resistance to it. The questions they raise include: what are the implications of an imperial nation state laying claim to women's liberation and did U.S. intervention and invasion in fact result in liberation for women in Afghanistan and Iraq?

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