Climate Change in Africa

African Arguments
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Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Africa and the Global Climate System Chapter 3 - Water Chapter 4 - Food Chapter 5 - Forests Chapter 6 - Cities Chapter 7 - Conflict Chapter 8 - Africa's Prospects in a Carbon-Constrained World Notes Index
Climate change is a major challenge for us all, but for African countries it represents a particular threat. This book outlines current thinking and evidence and the impact such change will have on Africa's development prospects.
Autor: Camilla Toulmin
Camilla Toulmin is Director of the International Institute for Environment & Development. An economist by training, she has worked mainly in Africa on social, economic, and environmental development. This has combined field research, policy analysis, capacity building and advocacy. Her work has aimed to understand how societies evolve to cope with changed circumstances, and to demonstrate the links between global and local levels.

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Autor: Camilla Toulmin
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