Communication for Another Development: Listening Before Telling

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Acknowledgements Preface 1. Good development breeds good communication: the meaning of Another Development 2. Planners and searchers: Two ways of doing development 3. Why communicators can't communicate: Writing on the right side of the brain 4. Working in the grey zone: Recognizing coordinates to navigate 5. Early champions: Uncovering principles 6. New activists: Principles that travel 7. The forgotten context: The nature of the organization is half the methodology 8. Training and negotiating in the grey zone: A collection of touchstones 9. Searching and listening: Good communication is a metaphor for good development
This lively book challenges everything in development thinking -- arguing that communication is everything. The authors, world experts in this field as teachers, practitioners and theorists, present "Communication for Development" as a creative and innovative way of thinking that can permeate the overall approach to any development initiative. They illustrate their argument with vivid case studies, drawing on the stories of individual project leaders who have championed development for communication, and using a range of situations to show different possibilities and contexts. Free from jargon, and keeping a close look at how development is actually being implemented at ground level, this book is an important contribution to development studies not just for students but also for development practitioners and policy makers.
Autor: Wendy Quarry, Ricardo Ramirez
Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez are both independent consultant practitioners in this field, they have worked together on field projects, evaluations and publications over the last years, and they have been involved in relevant academia and development circles.

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Autor: Wendy Quarry
ISBN-13 :: 9781848130081
ISBN: 1848130082
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2009
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