Rethinking the 21st Century: 'new' Problems, 'old' Solutions

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1. Introduction 2. The Question of Preemption - George Lopez3. The Right of Revolution and Terrorist (Il)Legitimacy - Caron E. Gentry4. Outsourcing War - Amy Eckert5. Genocide - Rebecca Glazier6. Sanctions and Economic Coercion - Laura Sjoberg7. - Sovereignty - Jennifer Ramos8. The Just Soldier's Dilemma - Frances Harbour9. Securitizing Flu - Christian Enemark10 - Floods, Tsunamis & Earthquakes - Lisa Burke11. Cheyney RyanNotesIndex
This book brings context and perspective to the security problems of today. Global security and stability is now challenged not only by states and nuclear war, but by insurgency, disease, environmental degradation and military privatisation. Yet the way we perceive politics can be dangerously stark and ahistorical. The authors show that, far from being a clean break, the "new" problems faced today might actually have "old" solutions. What can Locke tell us about terrorists? What does Bentham have to say about sanctions? What are the ethics of outsourcing war to private companies? By looking back to decades and even centuries of ethical analysis and political theory, this book provides fascinating insight into all these questions.
Editiert von: Amy E. Eckert, Laura Sjoberg
Amy E. Eckert is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Her current research focuses on the growing privatization of war and just war theory. Her work has appeared in journals including International Studies Quarterly and the Journal of Global Ethics. She is President of the International Studies Association - West and a member of the executive board of the International Ethics section of the International Studies Association.

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