Religion in Development: Rewriting the Secular Script

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Introduction 1. Addressing the Taboos Is religion relevant? - Can it be controlled? - How it operates? - Is dialogue possible? - Can it be a menu of choice? 2. Religion in Development Thought Modernization and economic growth - Basic human needs - Religious freedom - Multi-dimensional poverty - The human development approach 3. Religion in Debate The secularization thesis - Religion defined - Fundamentalism and violence 4. Religion in Development Practice The Christian mission - Evangelism and evangelicalism - Charity and political engagement - Da'wa ('God's call') - Zakat and waqf - Islam and political engagement 5. Conflicts Between Traditions Women's reproductive rights - Education - Democracy - Epistemology 6. Dialoguing Traditions Vatican II - Liberation theology - Capitalism and Islam - Itjihad - Engagement and dialogue - Dialogue and translation Bibliography
This timely new book expertly explores the treatment of religion in the evolution of development thought. The book argues that development theory and practice needs to rewrite its dominant script regarding its treatment of religion, a script which has so far been heavily inscribed in the secular tradition. In addition to providing a conceptual framework for analyzing the role of religion in development, the book provides numerous empirical examples drawn from the Christian and Islamic religious traditions. This comprehensive new guide to this key issue is essential for students, development thinkers and practitioners who wish to understand better the role that religion plays in development processes and outcomes.
Autor: Severine Deneulin, Masooda Bano
Severine Deneulin is Lecturer in International Development at the University of Bath, UK, and a Research Associate at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford. She holds a DPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, and an MA in Economics from the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. She has published The Capability Approach and the Praxis of Development (2006) and co-edited Transforming Unjust Structures (2006). Masooda Bano recently completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford on aid and cooperation in voluntary groups in Pakistan. She is currently a research associate at Queen Elizabeth House and a junior research fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford, and is undertaking research on madrasas in Pakistan. She is working with Richard Batley on non-state service provision and is also independently funded by a fellowship under the ESRC Non-Governmental Public Action Programme.

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Autor: Severine Deneulin
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