Mental Health Across Cultures: A Practical Guide for Health Professionals

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Contents: Section A - Overview and model - Model for working in Mental Health across cultures * Section B - Psychotherapy across cultures - General principles of psychotherapy & counselling * Modified cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) * Modified narrative therapy * Resilience and spirituality * Section C - Putting cultural mental health into context - The people: Doctors, health professionals and patients from diverse backgrounds * Consultations across cultures * Basic neuropsychiatry and the quest for normality * Cross-Cultural Pharmacotherapy * Cross cultural learning
Offers health professionals a model for working in mental health across cultures, and outlines practical ways of using psychotherapy skills across cultures. This guide can be used as preparation by individuals in various primary care settings at home or abroad, or as a teaching tool for use with health professionals travelling to another culture.
Autor: Jill Benson
Respectively General Practitioner and Senior Medical Officer, Migrant Health Service, Australia; Associate Professor, Department of General Practice and Rural Medicine, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, and from 2009, Professor in Clinical Education and Research, and Director, Institute of Clinical Education, University of Warwick School of Medicine, UK

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Autor: Jill Benson
ISBN-13 :: 9781846192197
ISBN: 1846192196
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2008
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Sprache: Englisch
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