In the Land of the Giants

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This is a very dangerous book: it plays with words, with fire, with water, with animals - with anything and everything: even refrigerators and ice-creams. After I read it, the world wasn't the same again. If you read it, you won't be either. -- Michael Rosen
Acknowledgements Four Superstitions 1. The Sneezing Week 2. Watch who you are winking at 3. Bad signs 4. Runs till it drops Three Fires and a Flood Flame The Great Fire of London The Fire's Heart The Flood The Bee's Knees The Bee's Knees The Wasp's Waist The Serpent's Tail The Fish's Fingers The Bicycle's Wrists The Clouds' Hair The Wind's Face The Sea's Hands The Sun's Toes The Cold's Teeth The Refrigerator's Belly The Wall's Ears The Bedroom Chest The Clothes-hanger's Collarbone The Book's Spine The Window's Eyes The Butcher's Calves The Bottle's Neck The Cup's Lip The Ice Cream's Tongue The Cave's Mouth The Lake's Bottom Three Mysteries 1. The Lost Sock Mystery 2. The Mystery of the Ant 3. The Rainbow Mystery In the Land of the Giants Rock A Bye Beware Of The Bear! In The Land Of Giants At Gran's Fancy Dress Henry Brave Pianist Soulful Flautist Plumbing Service Egg Magic The Great Drongo Poet No, Love Visitor Miss String Miss String Ahem Old Couples Whoopsa Moonlife Moon Questions Space Comes Out at Night Apple Tree Mouse Dreaming Goldfish Animal Lore The Wreck of The Hope From the Hungarian Bird The Spring The Earth Ant A Poem about Two Seals Winter Trees Storks Snail The Bear's Dilemma Three Short Verses About the Wind Sleighbells Deep in the Wood the Violets Drowse My Dog Ace Happy New Year
This generous new selection of children's poems from one of the UK's foremost poets displays wit, humour, technical virtuosity and a hint of the absurd. Also included are a series of translations of children's poems from Hungary, including works by Sandor Weoeres and Zoltan Zelk.
Autor: George Szirtes
George Szirtes was born in Budapest in 1948, and came to England with his family after the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. He was educated in England, training as a painter, and has always written in English. In recent years he has worked as a translator of Hungarian literature, producing editions of such writers as Otto Orban, Zsuzsa Rakovszky and Agnes Nemes Nagy. He co-edited Bloodaxe's Hungarian anthology The Colonnade of Teeth. His Bloodaxe poetry books are The Budapest File (2000); An English Apocalypse (2001); Reel (2004), winner of the T.S. Eliot Prize; New & Collected Poems (2008) and The Burning of the Books and other poems (2009), shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize 2009. Bloodaxe has also published John Sears' critical study Reading George Szirtes (2008). Szirtes lives in Norfolk and teaches at the University of East Anglia.

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Autor: George Szirtes
ISBN-13 :: 9781844714513
ISBN: 1844714519
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.09.2012
Verlag: Salt Publishing
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