The Land of the Flibbertigibbets

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John Foster is that rarest of poets -- unpretentious, accessible, straightforward and popular. A master craftsman and trusted wordsmith, he writes poems that I wish I'd written. -- Paul Cookson From a dinosaur spa to what's inside a shell, John Foster's poems will leave you enthralled, spellbound and begging for more -- hilarious wordplay, crazy cautionary tales and fun riddles from the master of rhyme. -- Angela Topping John Foster has great dexterity with wordplay. From reflections on the letter 'Z' to guidance on understanding 'Uncle Sam', this book is crammed with poems that turn and twist in ways that children will find intriguing. -- Brian Moses
Acknowledgements I Am a Poem In the Land of the Flibbertigibbets In Looking-Glass Land The Wizard's Dragon The Spotted Origami This is a Troll-Bridge The Grand Old Count of York When Dracula Went to the Doctor Beware the Draculasaurus Di Knows What's Best For Dinosaurs A Cheeky Boy Called Robert Rung You're for the High Jump! My Brother's Allergies Grandpa's False Teeth In Memory of Billy Green Epitaphs The Name of the Game How To Make a Football Best Selling Football Books Football Haiku There Was an Old Woman Mary's Dad Was Football Mad Final Scores Let's Give a Cheer for Onomatopeia Have You Heard? What Do You Call... Anagram Antics Backwards and Forwards Geographical Definitions Travellers' Tales The Itinerant Worker I Used To Work By Definition: Scents Classified Ants Animal Complaints How To Make a Teacher The Word Wizard Said: Give Yourself a Break Anna's All-Star Band Z's a Zipper-Zapper Adverbially Speaking It's a Question of Homonyms Exceptional Pasts Things That Sound Old Blowing Hot and Cold Understanding Uncle Sam Hey Diddle Diddle Bedbug, Bedbug Riddle Spells Threats After the Storm Toothache is a Torturer Six Clerihews Two Kennings Diamond Poem I Am a Free Verse Poem In My Mind's Eye Epigrams Behind the Raised Eyebrow Inside a Shell
A light-hearted collection of poems that will both entertain and enthral children aged 7-12 with its witty wordplay, nonsense nursery rhymes, fantastic football poems, curious cautionary tales, entertaining epitaphs, puzzling plurals and clever clerihews. A book of versatile verses and poems for children to laugh at, to puzzle over and to ponder.
Autor: John Foster
John Foster is the well-known anthologist of over 150 collections of poetry for children, including the best-selling Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar and the six books of poetry illustrated by Korky Paul - Dinosaur Poems, Fantastic Football poems etc. John also compiled the Glow-worms poetry books in the Oxford Reading Tree series. He is the author of twelve books of his own poetry for children, such as Four O'Clock Friday and The Poetry Chest - a collection of over 250 of his original poems and of two rhyming dictionaries - the Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary and the Oxford Junior Rhyming Dictiionary.

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Autor: John Foster
ISBN-13 :: 9781844712885
ISBN: 1844712885
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.01.2011
Verlag: Salt Publishing
Gewicht: 78g
Seiten: 80
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 180x111x7 mm, No
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