The Invention of Poetry

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Introduction by Iain Higgins Author's Note Part I The Invention of Poetry Pentagram Teatro Della Guerra A View of Delft Concerning the Internal Contradictions of Classical Solid Geometry Hunting the Unicorn Mythology Man Science Fiction Evening, or a Field of Vision Transformation of Matter Spring Towards Evening Paul Klee: A Gloss Part II Cape of False Hope Petrol, or Life in Zarnowiec Interior Topography Knowledge by Description Gaunilo's Island Self-judgement First Snow Somewhere Near Babylon Incident in a Valley Incident in a Temple Incident in Heaven Fragment Listening to a Schubert Quartet Knowledge and Experience Oxford Landscape with No King Words and Dust Part III Poetry Lesson Stripping Last Poem Discourse on Poetry Lingua Adamica The City Yesterday and Today Cleaning an Old Poem Babylon II St Sebastian From an Album Family Portrait Token of Remembrance Part IV Golden Age Apparently in 1911 Seaside Holiday You and I Ode to Youth Provocation Broadstairs 1937 A Wasp in the Beer Love Infinitely And the Pleached Medlars of Oxborough Hall A Small Elegy Suddenly Part V Ex Libris Girl at the Window Words Durobrivae, Or Rochester Desolation Sound, Or the Voice of Despair Aschurbanipal and Others The Ages Speak, Or What's New in History? Death In Memoriam Max Sebald (1944-2001) Part VI Sir David Ross Lectures on Aristotle's Politics Noise and a Definition Bavaria, 1956 Loop At the End of the Twentieth Century And Above Him The Moral Order of the Starry Heaven Veiled for the Moment by the Sun's Afterglow Mirrors and Reflections In the Order of an English Landscape For the Muses' Return
Majestic, universal, and supremely cultured, Czerniawski's lyrical poems remain wonderfully accessible in Higgins' new English translations. As Czerniawski says, "This book is not a text-book on astro-physics, neuroscience, German metaphysics, Fermat's last theorem or nuclear biology. It is a collection of poems, a work of literature. It ought to appeal to people who appreciate poetry and will be ignored by people who have no time for it. That's all that can usefully be said on this topic."
Autor: Adam Czerniawski
ワbersetzung von: Iain Higgins
Adam Czerniawski was born in Warsaw in 1934. Now lives in Wales. His publications in Polish include poetry, essays and short stories. His English publications include translations of poetry by Jan Kochanowski, Cyprian Norwid, Wislawa Szymborska and Tadeusz Rozewicz, his own memoir Scenes from a disturbed childhood and essays on poetry and philosophy. Iain Higgins was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is the author of Writing East: 'The Travels' of Sir John Mandeville (University of Pennsylvania Press) and the forthcoming volume of poems, Then Again (Oolichan). He teaches medieval English literature and medieval studies at the University of Victoria, Canada.

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Autor: Adam Czerniawski
ISBN-13 :: 9781844710911
ISBN: 1844710912
Verlag: SALT PUB
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Sprache: Englisch
Altersempfehlung: 13 - 21 Jahre
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x140x10 mm
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