Soldiers, Spies and Statesmen

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A gripping analysis of Egypt's transformation from military regime to police state, on the road to revolution. A timely book contributing to debate for the future of Egypt, and one of the first serious, sober analyses of the institutional players in the Arab Sprin, untangling the often-confusing roles of the military, security services and politicians.
Autor: Hazem Kandil
HAZEM KANDIL is a political sociologist whose work examines military - security institutions and revolutionary movements, with a special focus on the Middle East. He has taught at the American University in Cairo and the University of California, Los Angeles. He divides his time between Los Angeles and Cairo.

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Autor: Hazem Kandil
ISBN-13 :: 9781844679614
ISBN: 1844679616
Erscheinungsjahr: 08.11.2012
Verlag: VERSO
Gewicht: 653g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 241x161x32 mm
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