It's Your Move: An Inclusive Approach to Dance

Special Children
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Introduction; Practical and Logistical Points to Remember; Small Dances - Big Value; Body Talk; Dancing on the Ceiling With or Without Wheels; Co-motion; Tomorrow's Dance Makers; Show and Tell; A Bag of Tricks?; Dance in a Wider Context; Dance Ideas; Movement Words; Further Reading; Useful Addresses; Glossary
Do you use dance with people who have a wide range of needs and many different styles of learning? Do you want to use dance to enable young people to express themselves, to participate in group activities, to increase their self-esteem and to explore ways of working and moving?
Autor: Peppy Hills
Peppy Hills has over 15 years experience as a community dance artist working regionally, nationally and internationally. She specialises in leading dance initiatives that involve those who are often excluded from dancing.

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Autor: Peppy Hills
ISBN-13 :: 9781841900971
ISBN: 1841900974
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2003
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