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The late Alfred Fagon was an influential exponent of black writing in this country.
Autor: Alfred Fagon
Alfred Fagon was born on 25 June, 1937 in Clarendon, Jamaica into a large and close family of eight brothers and two sisters. He left school at thirteen and worked with his father as a cultivator on their orange plantation. In 1955 he came to Nottingham in England and worked for British Rail amongst other jobs, and in 1958 joined the Royal Corps of Signals where he became Middleweight Boxing Champion in 1962, the year he left the Army. He went to live in Bristol where he trained and then worked as a welder. He started working as an actor and in 1970 he came to London to play in Mustapha Matura's 'Black Pieces' at the ICA the first of many roles, not just in the theatre but in television, film and radio. Alfred's final acting role in BBC Television's Fighting Back with Hazel O'Connor was filmed in St Paul's, Bristol. Alfred Fagon died of a heart attack on 29 August, 1986 at the age of forty-nine. The Alfred Fagon Award was established by his agent, Harriet Cruickshank.

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Autor: Alfred Fagon
ISBN-13 :: 9781840021370
ISBN: 1840021373
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2000
Gewicht: 277g
Seiten: 300
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 210x132x13 mm
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