Private Security in Africa: From the Global Assemblage to the Everyday

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A comprehensive analysis of the rise of private security providers across Africa, and its implications for African states and societies
Introduction - Paul Higate

1. Golden Assemblages: Security and Development in Tanzania's Gold Mines - Rita Abrahamsen and Michael Williams
2. Failed, Fake or Weak State: The Role of Private Security in Somalia - William Reno
3. Private Security Beyond the Private Sector: Community Policing and Secret Societies in Sierra Leone - Peter Albrecht
4. The Underbelly of Global Security: Sierra Leoneans in Iraq - Maya Mynster Christensen
5. Who do you Call? Private Security Policing in Durban, South Africa - Tessa Diphoorn
6. Security Sector Reform as Trojan Horse? New Security Assemblages of Privatised Military Training in Liberia - Marcus Mohlin
7. Political Becoming and Non-State Emergence in Kenya's Security
Sector: Mungiki as Security Operator - Jacob Rasmussen
8. Parapluies Politiques: The Everyday Politics of Private Security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Peer Schouten
Epilogue: African Assemblages of private security - Mats Utas
Across Africa, growing economic inequality, instability and urbanization have led to the rapid spread of private security providers. While these PSPs have already had a significant impact on African societies, their impact has so far received little in the way of comprehensive analysis.

Drawing on a wide range of disciplinary approaches, and encompassing anthropology, sociology and political science, Private Security in Africa offers unique insight into the lives and experiences of security providers and those affected by them, as well as into the fragile state context which has allowed them to thrive. Featuring original empirical research and case studies ranging from private policing in South Africa to the recruitment of Sierra Leoneans for private security work in Iraq, the book considers the full implications of PSPs for security and the state, not only for Africa but for the world as a whole.
Editiert von: Paul Higate, Mats Utas
Paul Higate is a reader in gender and security at the University of Bristol.
Mats Utas is a senior lecturer in the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at Uppsala University. He is the editor of African Conflicts and Informal Power (Zed 2012).

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