Writing African Women

Gender, Popular Culture and Literature in West Africa. With a Foreword by Wendy Griswold
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An enlivening exploration of the links between literature, popular culture and theories of gender in African literature.
Part I: Theory and Politics

1. Reading Towards a Theorization of African Women's Writing: African Women Writers Within Feminist Gynocriticism - Nana Wilson-Tagoe
2. Masculinity: The Military, Women and Cultural Politics in Nigeria - Bayo Ogunjimi
3. Women's Role in Ghana's Social Development: a Short Statement - Akosua Gyamfuaa-Fofie
Part II:: Literatures

4. A Life on the women's Page: Treena Kwenta's Diary - Jane Bryce
5. Recovering Lost Voices: The Short Stories of Mabel - Dove-Danquah and Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
6. Rewriting Popular Myths of Female Subordination: Selected Stories by Theodor Ezeigbo and May Ifeoma Nwoye - Chinyere Okafor
7. Gender Conflict in Flora Nwapa's Novels - Theodora Akachi Ezeigbo
8. Culture and Gender Semantics in Flora Nwapa's Poetry - Obododimma Oha
9. Behind the Veil in Northern Nigeria: The Writing of Zaynab Alkali and Hauwa Ali - Margaret Hauwa Kassam
10. The Onus of Womanhood: Mariama B and Zaynab Alkali - Ibiyemi Mojola
11. Narrative Technique and the Politics of Gender: Ama Ata Aidoo's Our Sister Killjoy and No Sweetness Here - Chioma Opara
Part III: Popular Culture

12. Hausa Women as Oral Storytellers in Nigeria - Sani Abba Aliyu
13. Gender Politics in West African Mask Performance - Chinyere Grace Okafor
14. Anatomy of Masculine Power: Three Perspectives on Marriage and Gender in Nigerian Non-Fiction - Stephanie Newell
15. Gender Tempered Through Metal: Women in Metal Casting in Benin City, Nigeria - Adepeju Layiwola
An enlivening exploration of the links between literature, popular culture and theories of gender in African literature.
Editiert von: Stephanie Newell
Stephanie Newell is a professor of English at the Yale University, specialising in West African literature. Her other books include The Power to Name: A History of Anonymity in Colonial West Africa (2013) and The Forger's Tale: The Search for Odeziaku (2006).
Wendy Griswold is the Bergen Evans Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University. Her books include Cultures and Societies in a Changing World (new edition 2012) and Bearing Witness: Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria (2000).

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