The Floating Theatre

This captivating tale of courage and redemption will sweep you away
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1837. The Ohio River. Being a seamstress to her cousin, the flamboyant actress Comfort Virtue, is May Bedloe's life. Though overshadowed and undermined by her cousin, she is May's only friend and the pair are inseparable. Until, that is, they board the Moselle and their paths cross with Mrs Flora Howard, a wealthy abolitionist and notorious opportunist. Sensing a potential asset in the young actress, Mrs Howard is quick to lure Comfort to her cause; a cause, it seems, that has no use for quiet little May. Casting out on her own for the first time, May lands a job on Hugo Cushin's wonderous Floating Theatre - a flatboat that sails the Ohio performing plays to the townsfolk along the way. Though shy at first, May quickly finds herself drawn into the eccentric troop of characters aboard her new home: to sanctimonious, haughty Mrs Niffen and her browbeaten husband; to kind and gentle Leo, who steers the theatre from one riverbank town to the next; to sweet, open-hearted Liddy; and most of all, to the inscrutable Hugo himself. As the boat drifts south down the river, May gradually learns what it means to belong on her own terms, and how to fashion a family of sorts from this ragtag bunch of players. But just as May's new life is beginning to take shape around her, the reappearance of Comfort and Mrs Howard threatens to throw everything off course. To repay an old debt, May is not only compelled to break the law but also to guard a secret which puts the fate of the whole theatre - and all her hopes for a happy future - at risk...
Autor: Martha Conway
Martha Conway's first novel, 12 BLISS STREET, was nominated for an Edgar Award, and her latest novel, THIEVING FOREST, won the North American Book Award for Best Historical Fiction. Her short fiction has been published in The Iowa Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Quarterly, Massachusetts Review, Epoch, Folio, and other journals. A recipient of a California Arts Council Fellowship, Martha teaches creative writing for Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program and UC Berkeley Extension. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is one of seven sisters. She now lives in San Francisco with her family.

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Autor: Martha Conway
ISBN-13 :: 9781785762901
ISBN: 1785762907
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.06.2017
Verlag: Zaffre Publishing
Gewicht: 481g
Seiten: 352
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 225x146x34 mm
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