Lost for Words

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Some plot twists you just don't recover from... Loveday Cardew prefers books to people. Her job in Brodie's Rare and Secondhand Bookshop, in the cobbled back streets of York, is her world. She's twenty-five, she's reclusive, and if you look carefully, you might see the first lines of the novels she loves the most tattooed on her skin. What Loveday will never show you, is that she is keeping a dark secret. But into the bookshop, and into Loveday's life, come a poet, a lover, a friend, and three mysterious deliveries, each of which stirs the unsettling memories she wants to forget. Turning the pages of her past will be the hardest thing Loveday has ever had to do. How far she can trust those around her? Can she right a heartbreaking wrong? And will she find the words to tell her own story? 'A book is the match in the smoking second between strike and flame. Archie says books are our best lovers and our most provoking friends. He's right, but I'm right too. Books can really hurt you. I thought I knew that... It turned out I had a lot to learn ...'
Autor: Stephanie Butland
Stephanie lives with her family near the sea in the North East of England. She writes in a studio at the bottom of her garden, and when she's not writing, she trains people to think more creatively. For fun, she reads, knits, sews, bakes and spins. @Under_blue_sky; stephaniebutland.co.uk; Instagram/StephanieButland; Facebook/StephanieButland

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Autor: Stephanie Butland
ISBN-13 :: 9781785762598
ISBN: 1785762591
Erscheinungsjahr: 09.03.2017
Verlag: Bonnier Zaffre Ltd.
Gewicht: 298g
Seiten: 352
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 198x128x27 mm
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