On the Religious Frontier

Tsarist Russia and Islam in the Caucasus
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On The Religious Frontier examines the history of Muslim Azerbaijan under Christian Orthodox Russian imperial rule and the attempts of the Russian administrators of the Caucasus to integrate the region into the empire. Firouzeh Mostashari presents the formation of a Russian colonial administration in the Muslim Caucasus; subsequent social, political and economic development and the local response to conquest, military rule and Russification. Central to the study is the concept of a religious and cultural frontier separating Orthodox Russia and Muslim Azerbaijan. On The Religious Frontier is based on original archival research from the Russian and Azerbaijani State Historical Archives and offers a fascinating insight into how the seeds of conflict in today's Caucasus were sown during Tsarist Russia.

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Autor: Firouzeh Mostashari
ISBN-13 :: 9781784539184
ISBN: 178453918X
Verlag: Durnell MDL, I.B.Tauris
Gewicht: 251g
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x141x16 mm
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