Contemporary Swim Start Research

Conference Book: Young Experts' Workshop on Swim Start Research 2015
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This conference book includes contemporary reports and corresponding studies on swim starts conducted by young scientists from around the world. The various topics relate to individual starts from the block, backstroke starts, and relay starts, highlighting different aspects and phases of the corresponding movement behavior. Most of the reports published in this book have been presented during the 2015 Young Experts Workshop of Swim Start Research supported by the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Germany.
Autor: Sebastian Fischer, Armin Kibele
Dr. Armin Kibele is a professor at the University of Kassel, Germany, and adjunct professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He is holding chair for Movement Science and Training Science in the Institute for Sports and Sport Science with a focus on swim start research, instability strength training, and unconscious information processing in sports.

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Autor: Sebastian Fischer
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