Soccer Goalkeeper Training

The Comprehensive Guide
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Meyer & Meyer Premium - the next level of instructional sports literature with high-quality, full-color books.In Soccer Goalkeeper Training the authors explain andshow through detailed photos and coaching points thephysical and technical skills required for novice goalkeepers to improve their current level with easy to follow progressions. Another topic is how to make decisions in tactical situations on the soccer field, for example using communication as a tool for organizing the field player of one's team. The authors also delve into the more advanced and scientific areas of periodization and mental preparation used by the most accomplished goalkeepers in Major League Soccer and the US National Team to achieve ultimate success at the highest levels of the game. Hereby, some psychological aspects covered by the book are therelationship between goalkeepers and their coaches and giving feedback. Also, readers will find a training guide which is divided into exercises by various themes. Whether you are an aspiring young goalkeeper or a more advanced collegiate player, regardless of the level of goalkeeper you currently coach, Soccer Goalkeeper Training will have something to help bring out the best in you and your most important player.
Autor: Tony Englund, John Pascarella
Tony Englund is the assistant director of Coaching and Technical Director at Sporting St. Croix Soccer Club in Minneapolis, MN. He holds more than a dozen coaching awards from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Tony is author of various books on soccer coaching, including Style and Domination: A Tactical Analysis of FC Barcelona.John Pascarella played professionally before he began coaching. He worked as Olympic development program coach before becoming the head coach and technical director of the Northern Virginia Royals of the USL's Premier Development League. John was Sporting Kansas City's goalkeeper and fitness coach before he became assistant coach.

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Autor: Tony Englund
ISBN-13 :: 9781782551072
ISBN: 1782551077
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.07.2017
Verlag: Meyer + Meyer Fachverlag
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Sprache: Englisch
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