Back on Track

How I Recovered from a Life-Changing Accident and Got Back on the Podium
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Fiona Ford was no stranger to endurance. In 2006 she won both the World Championship titles at ITU Triathlon and Aquathlon in the same week. She raced seven Ironman® distance events and was used to long and hard training routines and gruelling workout schedules.

But nothing could have prepared her for the greatest challenge of her life.

In June 2012 she was cycling on the London 2012 Olympic bike route when a car pulled out in front of her and hit her. With a broken clavicle and a broken pelvis and sacrum she was taken to hospital. The doctors told her she would never run again.

From regularly taking steps up to the podium her biggest challenge became taking a single step from her hospital bed. Learning to walk again was the most difficult challenge she had ever endured.

Three years after the life-changing accident, Fiona is back on her bike: On 14 June 2015 she competed in a triathlon for the first time again. She won her age group by 12 minutes.

Experience Fiona's inspiring story of rehabilitation and recovery and her ultimate triumphant return to endurance sports. Find out how she made it back on track!
Autor: Fiona Ford
Fiona Ford has competed in triathlon for many years and is a former age group European and world champion at ITU Triathlon and Aquathlon. For four years, she raced pro at Ironman® distance with several top 10 finishes.Fiona is a full-time triathlon coach and certified SwimSmooth coach who regularly writes training and racing articles for 220Triathlon and H2Open magazines.
A serious bike accident whilst out training in 2012 put an end to her competitive career as a pro triathlete. She spent two years on rehabilitation and recovery from multiple injuries to resume her sport and coaching. Three years after the accident, she is once again competing in triathlons.

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Autor: Fiona Ford
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ISBN: 1782550747
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