Successful German Soccer Tactics

The Best Match Plans for a Winning Team, Originaltitel:Matchplan Fußball
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In order to achieve the result you're aiming for, you have to have a plan. In soccer, you need a match plan. Some of the most successful soccer coaches devise match plans for every one of their team's matches.
A match plan describes a strategy that is used to be ideally prepared for the next match and be able to react to shifts in tactics or to particular match situations.
This book aims to provide every soccer aficionado with a practical insight into the topics of match ideas, tactics, match systems and match plans using easy-to-understand language. On that basis, the author identifies advantages and disadvantages of various formations utilized by top teams and then uses match plans to analyze how those formations can be defeated in play.
Autor: Timo Jankowski
Timo Jankowski holds the UEFA A License and is Life Kinetic and Functional Fitness trainer.Following his jobs as coach of the German Football Association as well as of the U16 of Grasshoppers Zurich, Jankowski currently trains the U16 team of FC Aarau.
In addition, he runs a sports center with a hotel and soccer school.

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Autor: Timo Jankowski
ISBN-13 :: 9781782550624
ISBN: 1782550623
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