Food Guide for Women's Soccer

Tips & Recipes from the Pros
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This handy "how-to" food guide addresses the nutrition questions and concerns of soccer athletes of all ages and abilities to help them achieve success with energy to spare.

Soccer athletes are hungry for good nutrition information. They have lots of food questions:

. What should I eat before a game?
. What about sports drinks?
. How much protein should I be eating?

Food Guide for Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros will answer those questions-plus others. This easy-to-read book offers practical tips, debunks nutrition myths, and is a simple "how-to" resource for soccer players, their coaches and parents.

The text is sprinkled with quotes from professional soccer players as well as recipes, sample menus, and nutrition sidebars.
Autor: Gloria Averbuch, Nancy Clark
Gloria Averbuch is an award-winning author of 12 previous books on sports, soccer, health and fitness. Several of these books have been translated into various languages. Averbuch is the Director of public Pelations/Marketing for Sky Blue FC, one of the seven founding franchises of Women's Professional soccer.
Nancy Clark is a registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in nutrition for sports performance. Her private practice is in the Boston area, where she helps runners and other athletes of all ages and abilities to win with good nutrition.
Her best-selling Nan

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Autor: Gloria Averbuch
ISBN-13 :: 9781782550518
ISBN: 1782550518
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.06.2015
Verlag: Meyer + Meyer Fachverlag
Gewicht: 622g
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 15000, revised edition
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