Business Where People and Planet Matter
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A groundbreaking book which helps business leaders and managers to adapt to rapidly changing economic and social situations.
Autor: Simon Robinson, Maria Moraes Robinson
Simon Robinson is a consultant in innovation, strategy and complexity. He was one of the founders of Genie Internet, the world's first mobile internet portal and is a member of BCI (Biomimicry for Creative Innovation). He has a Masters degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, UK. Maria Moraes Robinson is an economist and consultant in strategy, change management and the 'Balanced Scorecard' management tool. She is a teacher and lecturer, interested in the themes of the economics of happiness and human values in education, and is the co-author of Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons of Brazilian Companies and The Strategic Activist.

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Autor: Simon Robinson
ISBN-13 :: 9781782500612
ISBN: 1782500618
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.04.2014
Verlag: Floris Books
Gewicht: 403g
Seiten: 192
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 233x154x25 mm, 30 b/w illustrations
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