Independent Thinking

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Contents: These Are My Thoughts - Get Your Own 42 Uses for This Book Real-Time History The Pigness of a Cow A Ten-Step Parent Guide to Supporting a Child's Learning in the Early Years What's the Point of Education? Advice I On Feedback An Alternative Good School Checklist Indignez-vous - Et Eux How to Write a Book Does It Know? You Don't Want Quits It Will Only Take One Word to End Cake Sales for Good Trust Your Gut Don't Let Them Tell You Independent Thinking as a Refusal On Starting a Revolution Learning Makes Your Brain Fat Drawing Class Of Ducks and Lighthouses Do You Have a Philosophy of Education? Slow Children If You're Ever Thinking About Moving Abroad On Leadership I Seek and Ye Shall Find (and Look Cleverer Than You Really Are) How to Make a Difference Should We Be Teaching Children To Be Principled But Unreasonable? On Control And What Do You Do? Learning is Overrated On Grief The Serendipitous Benefits of Bad Taxi Drivers How to Know Whether You're a Humanist or a Scientist It's Not Succeeding That's Hard, It's Keeping Going Circumspice On Finding Things How to Get a Job Short Story Whose Problem is the Future and the 100-Year Plan? The Thing About Shelves One Little Girl's Story The Difference Between Creativity and Art The Cure Careers Advice for Young People Her Conversation with the Social Workers On the Purpose of Reading The Difference is the Size of the 'P' A Real-World Six-Point Noise Scale The Eight Stages of Manhood On Value 21 Ways of Knowing You Have Spent Too Long on Twitter The Conversation Between an Angry Teenager and an Adult Teachers - What Do You Teach? When Bad Science Leads to Good Practice Standing Still Your One-Minute Three-Step MBA in Crisis Management The Four Stages of Modern Life The Merits of Not Having a Clue The Intelligence of Six The Game of Solitaire Will Smith and the Flower Paradox Trying To Be a Good Man Train Your Dog Like a Child Train Your Child Like a Dog There's No Such Thing as an Educational Expert 30 Things That Exams Don't Measure The Space between the Stars Trust Why Am I Here? The Money-Back Guarantee Three Questions to Ask Before Every Training Day Three Responses That Are Worse Than Saying No The Mirror Things to Watch Out For When You See the Word 'Independent' Larks Ascending Captain Pouch College My Chilean Education On Leadership II Crowd to Brian: 'Yes, We're All Individuals' Advice II
Think for yourself - before someone does it for you.
Autor: Ian Gilbert
Ian Gilbert is one of the UK's leading educational innovators, speakers and writers with twenty years experience working with young people and educationalists around the world. He is the founder of Independent Thinking Ltd, the editor of the Independent Thinking Press and the author of a number of titles including Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google?. His book The Little Book of Thunks won the first education book award from the Society of Authors for 'an outstanding example of traditionally published non-fiction that enhances teaching and learning'.

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Autor: Ian Gilbert
ISBN-13 :: 9781781350553
ISBN: 1781350558
Erscheinungsjahr: 12.12.2013
Verlag: Independent Thinking Press
Gewicht: 478g
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 199x199x15 mm
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