Out of the Woods

The Armchair Guide to Trees
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A convivial introduction to Britain's trees, taking readers on a revelatory ramble through country and city, from woodlands of majestic oak and ash, via alder-clad lay-bys, to mean streets lined with cherries. With illustrations by Mungo McCosh.
Autor: Will Cohu
Will Cohu is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph and Gardens Illustrated. His is the author of Urban Dog: The Adventures of Parker (Pocket Books, 2001) and The Wolf Pit (Vintage, 2012). He lives in Lincolnshire.

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Autor: Will Cohu
ISBN-13 :: 9781780722351
ISBN: 1780722354
Verlag: Short Books
Gewicht: 205g
Seiten: 272
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 198x125x15 mm

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