One Knife, One Pot, One Dish

Simple French Cooking
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Author of several books and master of modern French cuisine, Stéphane Reynaud puts the pleasure back into cooking simple, delicious French food. His latest book has more than160 recipes, with dishes for fish, meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables, perfect for friends and family. These are dishes that use simple, accessible, fresh ingredients, can be put together with a minimum of fuss and that are happy to simmer away in the background and take their time to arrive in the background and take their time to arrive on the table as you relax with a glass of wine until you're ready to serve. And, of course, to finish there are simple sweets that will leave a smile on everyone's face.
Autor: Stéphane Reynaud
Stéphane Reynaud is chef and owner of restaurant Villa 9 Trois in Montreuil, just outside Paris. He won the 2005 Grand Prix de la Gastronomie with his book Pork & Sons. His other books include Terrine, Ripailles, Rotis, Stéphane Reynaud's 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat, Stéphane Reynaud's Pies and Tarts, and The Book of Tripe. Stéphane Reynaud has also appeared on TV and radio, including The Martha Stewart Show and NPR's The Splendid Table.

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Autor: Stéphane Reynaud
ISBN-13 :: 9781760527754
ISBN: 1760527750
Erscheinungsjahr: 05.10.2017
Verlag: Murdoch Books
Gewicht: 1478g
Seiten: 312
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 261x220x35 mm
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