Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine

Volume 1: INJURIES
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PART A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES1 Sports and exercise medicine: the team approach2 Integrating evidence into shared decision making with patients3 Sports injuries: acute4 Sports injuries: overuse5 Pain: why and how does it hurt?6 Pain: the clinical aspects7 Beware: conditions that masquerade as sports injuries8 Introduction to clinical biomechanics9 Biomechanical aspects of injury in specific sports10 Training programming and prescription11 Core stability12 Preventing injury13 Recovery: the science and the art14 Clinical assessment: moving from rote to rational and rigorous15 How to make the diagnosis: tips for better history taking, physical examination and investigation16 Patient-reported outcome measures in sports medicine17 Treatments for musculoskeletal conditions18 Principles of sports injury rehabilitation19 Return to playPART B REGIONAL PROBLEMS20 Sports concussion21 Headache22 Face, eye and teeth23 Neck pain24 Shoulder pain25 Elbow and arm pain26 Wrist pain27 Hand and finger injuries28 Thoracic and chest pain29 Low back pain30 Buttock pain31 Hip-related pain32 Groin pain33 Anterior thigh pain34 Posterior thigh pain35 Acute ankle injuries36 Anterior knee pain37 Lateral, medial and posterior knee pain38 Leg pain39 Calf pain40 Pain in the Achilles region41 Acute ankle injuries42 Ankle painPART C SPECIAL GROUPS OF PARTICIPANTS44 The younger athlete45 Military personnel46 Periodic medical assessment of athletes47 Working and travelling with teams48 Career development

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