Margin of Error

5, Britt Montero
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A film crew is shooting an action movie on location, but more than one real killer is on the loose. A handsome film star walks into the newsroom, and into Britt's life, to research his role as a government agent under deep cover as a reporter. Yet soon he needs Britt to run cover for him as an obsessive stalker pursues the pair from the movie set to the city streets. 3 CDs. January publication.

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Autor: Edna Buchanan
ISBN-13 :: 9781633794245
ISBN: 1633794245
Gewicht: 227g
Sprache: Englisch
Altersempfehlung: 18 - 99 Jahre
Laufzeit : 689 min.
Sonstiges: Audio-CD, 173x132x25 mm
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