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Learning To Walk

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Clifford Beck
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Clarence Taylor is the son of wealthy parents living in Bangor, Maine with strong ties to a community of old money. Yet, he does not fit in and harbors a deep resentment for the attitude that seems inherent in opulence. After witnessing the events of nine eleven, he makes a vow to himself that he will find a way to make a difference. But, as he prepares to confront the evil he has sworn to eliminate, he meets Gloria. She is everything that any man would want in a woman. But, their passionate clash leads each of them to their own emotional conflicts. And while set about on his personal mission, a split second lapse in judgment tears him away from everything he knew.
Written as a journal, this is the story of Private Clarence Taylor. He is an educated young man who holds a promising, secure future and knows the risks of putting his life on hold. But, the real lesson, for him, is in learning how to cope with some of life's biggest mistakes and that some things can never be undone.

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