Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes The Primate Directive

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STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind's future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! Two fan-favorite universes meet in this unlikely adventure! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape City? And what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it?
Autor: Rachael Stott
Scott Tipton is a New York Times Best-Selling author and comic-book historian with a wide variety of both graphic novel and prose works to his credit. Scott's most recent prose work, The Star Trek Vault: 40 Years From the Archives for Abrams Publishing, charts the remarkable history of the world's most popular science-fiction series. Scott is also the author of Comic Books 101, a humorous stroll through the history and high points of the American art form known as comic books, published by IMPACT BOOKS.

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Autor: Rachael Stott
ISBN-13 :: 9781631403620
ISBN: 1631403621
Erscheinungsjahr: 25.08.2015
Verlag: Idea & Design Works
Gewicht: 370g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 260x170x7 mm
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