Religion and the Struggle for European Union: Confessional Culture and the Limits of Integration

Religion and Politics
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" Religion and the Struggle for European Union is refreshing and counter-intuitive for three main reasons. First, it reveals how religious identities and cleavages are essential for even an archetypal humanist project -- the European Union. Second, it problematizes the deeply conceived notion of Europe as the paramount example of socio-political secularization. Finally, it discusses possibilities and limitations for the integration of Orthodox and Muslim groups into the supranational European identity, which was originally promoted by Catholics and doubted by Protestants." -- Ahmet Kuru, author of Secularism and State Policies toward Religion: The United States, France, and Turkey " Religion and the Struggle for European Union is a major contribution to the literature on religion and politics in Europe. Brent Nelsen and James L. Guth argue that religious, or confessional, culture, plays an important role in understanding regional differences of opinion among Europeans, especially regarding integration. The authors display an impressive command of the relevant historical, cultural, and political factors, and convincingly argue that Catholics tend to be more supportive of European integration than Protestants." -- Paul Christopher Manuel, Institute for Leadership Studies, Mount St. Mary's University
Preface Part I: The Framework 1. Culture and Integration Part II: Confessional Cultures 2. Common Roots 3. Reformation and Reaction 4. Political Movements Part III: Constructing a New Europe 5. Postwar Preparation 6. Catholic Construction 7. Protestant Resistance Part IV: Divided Europe 8. Member States and Elites 9. Political Groups 10. European Identity Index
Showcases the powerful role of religion in shaping European attitudes on politics, political integration, and the national and continental identities of its leaders and citizens. In this book the authors present the cultural divide, rooted in the struggles of the reformation, resists the ongoing secularization of the continent.
Autor: Brent F. Nelsen, James L. Guth
Brent F. Nelsen is professor of political science at Furman University. He is the coeditor of The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of Integration and editor of Norway and the European Community. James L. Guth is a professor of political science at Furman University. He is coeditor of The Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Politics with Corwin E. Smidt and Lyman A. Kellstedt.

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Autor: Brent F. Nelsen
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